Menu path: Setup > Security > Password

Under Password, set up an administrator password and a user password.

Administrator and user password

Sets passwords for the administrator and user accounts. The setup will be protected by the administrator password unless the user has been granted access to specific areas.

By enabling this password, the IGEL setup, shell access to Xterm and access to the console will be restricted to the administrator. The Reset to Factory Defaults option may only be used with this password. If the setup is locked by an administrator password single setup pages can be enabled for the user - see Enable Setup Pages for User.

Remote user password

Sets a password for the remote session user (SSH).

Setup user

Allows the user to access the local setup.

When you enter a password, ensure that the correct keyboard layout is enabled. After all, you will only see stars instead of characters when entering the password and will not be able to see why the password was not accepted.