Menu path: Setup > Sessions > PowerTerm Terminal Emulation

The PowerTerm InterConnect software we use in IGEL Linux is the official Linux version from ERICOM Software Ltd.

To use your Ericom PowerTerm Terminalemulation you need a free license key from IGEL. To get to the activation form please register at our IGEL Service & Support System.

To configure a session:

  1. Click on Add New Session.
  2. Select PowerTerm as the session type.
    The PowerTerm Emulation Setup window opens.

    This setup offers a good overview of the emulation types supported.

The setup pages used here were designed to look as similar as possible to the setup pages described in the original documentation from ERICOM Software Ltd.

You will find detailed information on configuring the PowerTerm software in the PowerTerm manual on the Ericom documentation (