Menu path: Setup > Network > LAN Interfaces > Wireless

In this area, you can configure everything relating to your wireless connections.

You will find details of compatible wireless modules in our IGEL Linux 3rd Party Hardware Database.

If you use mobile devices and regularly spend time in different wireless zones, you will benefit from our new function: IGEL Café Wireless. This means that you can

  • easily connect to new, previously unknown wireless networks
  • save connections that you have set up and then reuse them later on

straight from the user interface via the Wireless Manager as you would with a smartphone. This function is irrelevant for stationary desktop devices that are managed centrally. In this case, it is assumed that the network has fixed settings and cannot be influenced by the end user.
To configure the wireless interface, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the IGEL Setup and click on Network > LAN Interfaces > Wireless.

    Benutzerdefinierte Verbindungen aktivieren

  2. Enable the Wireless Interface.
  3. Select the configuration for your IP Addresses (DHCP or manual).
  4. Select a configuration type for operation with IPv6.
  5. Enable at least the tray icon, context menu and Wireless Manager items. Via the Wireless Manager, you can use IGEL Café Wireless.

    Ensure that the Overwrite sessions parameter is disabled for UMS profiles with this wireless configuration. Otherwise, user-defined connections will be lost when the thin client is rebooted.
  6. Configure the wireless network connection in the Default Wi-Fi network dialog if you do not select it via the Wireless Manager.
    Additional connections can be configured in the Additional Wi-Fi networks dialog.
  7. Configure your location in the Wireless regulatory domain dialog.

Once these settings become active on the thin client, a new tray icon for wireless connections will appear: