As of IGEL Linux version 5.10.100, you can connect or disconnect Bluetooth devices conveniently using the Bluetooth tool. The Bluetooth tool supports the following pairing methods:

  • Pairing with PIN entry (for most keyboards)
  • Pairing with fixed PIN (for most headsets, mice or GPS devices)
  • Pairing with automatic PIN allocation

    For further information, please refer to the manual chapter Bluetooth Tool.

In the following example, we will connect a Bluetooth device with PIN entry:

  1. Make sure that the following preconditions are met:
    • A Bluetooth USB adapter is connected to your device.
    • The Bluetooth device is ready.
    • The options Setup > Devices > Activate Bluetooth and Setup > Devices > Tray Icon are enabled.
  2. Launch the Bluetooth Tool via > System > Bluetooth Tool or another launch option, if available.
    The Device search dialog will be shown. After a few seconds, the Bluetooth devices found by the device are displayed.

  3. Highlight the desired Bluetooth device and click on Forward.

    A PIN will be shown on the Device setup dialog.

  4. Enter the PIN into your Bluetooth device.
    If everything went well, the status of the connection will be shown.

  5. Click on Close.
    Your Bluetooth device is ready for use. By right-clicking the icon in the system tray, you can to start the Bluetooth tool again, e.g. to pair another Bluetooth device or to unpair a device.