You can set up and use IGEL OS devices via PCoIP with Amazon WorkSpaces. 

Set Up the Device Connection

Before you connect the device to the Amazon WorkSpaces for the first time, you might need to change some settings. Your Amazon WorkSpaces administrator can provide you with additional setup instructions that are needed for your particular environment.

Session Connection

To set the session connection:

  1. In the IGEL Setup, go to Sessions > Teradici PCoIP Client > PCoIP Sessions.
  2. Click  to create a new session.
  3. Go to Connection Settings.
  4. Set Server certificate verification mode to "Warn but allow".

    If you do not enable Use IGEL Setup for configuration, you have to enter the host address or code in the Teradici PCoIP Client login window. See the screenshot under "Connecting to Amazon WorkSpaces". 

    If you activate Use IGEL Setup for configuration, see Use IGEL Setup for Configuration – Connecting with AWS via PCoIP.

    For more information about the connection with the Broker type "PCoIP broker" or "Hardhost", see Broker Types – Amazon WorkSpaces.

  5. Click Apply.
  6. Go to Login and set Authentication type to "Password authentication". Afterwards, click Apply.

Connecting to Amazon WorkSpaces

  1. Double-click on the Amazon WorkSpaces icon on your desktop.

    The Teradici PCoIP Client dialog opens.
  2. Enter the Host Address or Code that has been sent to you in the welcome e-mail from Amazon WorkSpaces. 
  3. Enter the Connection Name and click SAVE.

  4. Enter your Amazon WorkSpaces credentials.
  5. Enter the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) TOKEN.

    Multi-factor authentication is a proof of user identity which combines two different components (factors) that are independent from one another.

    If you do not use multi-factor authentication, you still need to enter something in the MFA field, even when it is just a number or "1234". 

    Otherwise, no connection to Amazon WorkSpaces can be established.

  6. Click Ok.
    The Amazon WorkSpaces desktop is shown. 

    See also our video description on youtube: