Menu path: Sessions > Appliance Mode > Imprivata

Imprivata offers digital security solutions for healthcare organizations. For more information, see

Set the URL to the Server: URL address of the single sign-on server.

Path to the Appliance: Path to the application on the single sign-on server. (Default: sso/servlet/getembeddedloader?arch=amd64)

Clear the Imprivata Data Partition

☑ The Imprivata client’s data partition will be deleted as soon as the parameter is saved (OK or Apply). When the Imprivata session is launched, the data will be downloaded again from the server. Following the deletion procedure, the parameter will be disabled.

The parameter is intended for use on a one-off basis. Do not enable the parameter via a UMS profile. If you enable the parameter via a UMS profile, the Imprivata data partition will be deleted each time that the device restarts and will need to be downloaded again.

☐ The Imprivata client’s data partition will be retained. (Default)

Logging of the Bootstrap Component

☑ The bootstrap component generates a log. 

☐ No log is generated. (Default)

The following setting is active if Logging of the Bootstrap Component is enabled.

Component's Logging Verbosity: Specifies the level of detail for the log files.
Possible options:

  • "debug": Detailed information on the flow through the system.
  • "info": Runtime events (startup/shutdown). 
  • "warning": Events that may lead to unexpected behavior.
  • "error": Other errors or unexpected conditions.
  • "critical": Events that may break the workflow. 

Generic session: Name of the Citrix session which was configured for Citrix Fast User Switching using generic access data.