Menu path: Setup > User Interface > Input > Mouse

In this area, you can configure the mouse.

  • Lefthand mode

    ☑ The mouse is switched to left-handed mode.

  • Emulation 3 Button Mouse: Enables/disables emulation of the third (middle) mouse button for mice with only two physical buttons. This third button is emulated by pressing both buttons at the same time. If 3-button emulation was enabled, the emulation time limit determines how long (in milliseconds) the driver waits before deciding whether two buttons were pressed at the same time.
  • Hide Cursor: The mouse pointer will be hidden after the defined time limit.
  • Pointer Speed: Determines the mouse resolution in counts per inch.
  • Double Click Interval: Changes the maximum interval in milliseconds between two consecutive mouse clicks which are to be recognized as a double-click.
  • Double Click Distance: Changes the maximum distance in pixels between two clicks which are to be recognized as a double-click. The object under the second click is double-clicked.