Menu path: Setup > Network > LAN Interfaces > Wireless

In this area, you can configure everything relating to your wireless connections.

Configure the wireless frequency range to ensure that your device meets the local regulations for wireless equipment.

You will find details of compatible wireless hardware in the IGEL Linux 3rd Party Hardware Database.

Activate wireless interface

☑ The default interface is enabled.

☐ The wireless interface is not enabled. (Default)

Note that only the first wireless interface (wlan0) is supported. All other wireless interfaces will be ignored.

Get IP from DHCP server: The IP address of the client will be obtained automatically using DHCP. (Default)

DHCP options can be specified under DHCP Client.

Specify IP address: The IP address and the network mask are entered manually

IP address: IP address of the thin client

Network mask: Network mask of the thin client

IPv6 configuration:

  • Compatibility mode: Behavior of earlier firmware versions
  • Disabled: IPv6 is completely disabled.
  • Automatic: IPv6 auto configuration is based on router advertisements (can include DHCPv6).

You will find further information in RFC 4861.

  • DHCPv6: IPv6 configuration using DHCPv6 if router advertisements are not available.

You will find further information in RFC 4862 Section 5.5.2.

Enable tray icon

☑ A tray icon for the wireless interface will be shown. (Default)

Enable context menu

☑ A context menu will be shown when you click on the tray icon. (Default)

Enable network info dialog

☑ A dialog window with information regarding the network connection will be shown when you click on the context menu. (Default)

Enable Wireless Manager

☑ The Wireless Manager is enabled. This tool allows the user to establish a connection to a wireless network quickly. (Default)

☐ The Wireless Manager is disabled.

If you use wireless regularly, it is recommended that you enable the following options: Tray icon, Enable context menu, Enable Wireless Manager. Via the Wireless Manager, you can use IGEL Café Wireless.