The following matrix shows a selection of features and their state of implementation.

FeatureLinux RD Core SDK by MicrosoftIGEL OS RDP3 ClientNotes
Folder redirectionyesyesFolder Redirection is bound to the /media folder, so that locally mounted storage devices, including USB sticks, will be forwarded to the remote session. 
Dynamic folder redirectionnonoUser may select specific drives/folders to redirect at run time.
Smart card redirectionnonoSmart card redirection is implemented but not working.  
The problem exists in the RD Core SDK.
Clipboard redirection (text and images)nolimitedClipboard redirection works with text and images (JPEG and Bitmap); however, PNG images do not work.  
The problem exists in the RD Core SDK.
Clipboard redirection (files)nono
Microphone redirectionyesyes
Speaker redirectionyesyes
Webcam redirectionnono
Printer redirectionnono
USB redirectionnono
Mouse inputyesyes
Keyboard input (scancodes)yesyes
Keyboard Input (Unicode)yesyes
Teams conferencing redirectionnonoTeams redirection will be added as soon as it is available in the RD Core SDK.
Multitouch redirectionnonoNo multitouch API present in the Linux RD Core SDK by Microsoft.
AVC Codec support (hardware acceleration)yesWork in progress
Dynamic display changeyesyes
Monitor DPI syncnono
Monitor Layout Sync (multimon)yesyes
Restrict full-screen sessions to single displaynot applicableyes
On-premises servicesnot applicableWork in progress
RemoteAppsnoWork in progressTarget Release: IGEL OS 11.04