Menu path: Setup > System > Remote Management > Options

  • Log login and logoff events
    Please note: For this option to work, in the UMS Console under UMS Administration > Globale Configuration > Logging the option Log Events must be enabled.

    ☑ If a user logs on or off via Citrix or Kerberos, details of this event will be sent to the UMS and can be used there, e.g. to process support queries.
    Logoffs from the Shared Workplace will also be logged (logons take place via the UMS anyway). (default)

    ☐ Logon and logoff events will not be relayed. (default)

    The event logs can be found under the system information for the thin clients in the UMS.
  • Delay session start at boot time in order to apply new UMS settings: If new settings were made in the UMS, the thin client may receive them during the boot procedure.

    ☑ The session start will be delayed until the settings have been transferred or the time limit has been exceeded.

  • Timeout: Delay in seconds (default: 10)
    Possible values:
    • No time limit: The dialog is shown until the user clicks on a button.
    • 1 ... 120 seconds