With appliance mode, you can confine a device to a specific session. In appliance mode, the device itself fades in the background, and the session is presented to the user in the most straighforward way. The user will not have to deal with a Linux desktop, multiple login procedures, switching between windows, or device configuration.

Use the appliance mode to allow access only to one specific session. On device startup, the user is directed immediately to the login screen of the virtual desktop.

The appliance mode can be applied to the following session types:

  • VMware Horizon
  • Citrix Self-Service (for published desktops only, not for published applications)
  • RHEV/Spice
  • Imprivata
  • RDP MultiPoint Server
  • XDMCP for this display

To configure a session that runs in appliance mode:

  1. Open the setup and go to Sessions > Appliance mode.
  2. Choose the session type of the desired session using the drop-down menu Appliance mode.
  3. Configure your appliance mode session as appropriate.

For further information, see the manual chapter Appliance Mode.