Smartcards make the user experience more convenient by providing a single device that supports multiple authentication products across the enterprise. The user only has to remember a single PIN that unlocks the smart card to access the network.


Before using the IGEL smartcard, the relevant profiles and session information need to be written to the smartcard.

We describe a best practice way of how to proceed. The names of folders and profiles are only examples and can be changed individually.

It is useful to use following folders and profiles on the Universal Management Suite (UMS):




Smartcard Creation

Folder for devices which will be used for smartcard creation.

Smartcard Key

This profile will apply the defined company key to the devices. This key will be written while creating the IGEL smartcard.

Smartcard Operation

Folder for devices whose authentication process will work only via IGEL smartcard.

Smartcard Login

This profile will apply the company key to the devices and will activate the login with IGEL smartcard.

Create two folders under Profiles in the Universal Management Suite (UMS), e.g. "Smartcard Operation" and "Smartcard Creation".

Create the profile "Smartcard Login" for "Smartcard Operation".

Create the profile "Smartcard Key" for "Smartcard Creation".