Menu path: Setup > Sessions > VNC Viewer > VNC Viewer Sessions > [Session Name] > Misc

  • Shared mode

    ☑ When starting a session, other users’ sessions with the same server are not terminated. The sessions run alongside each other with equal status.

    ☐ If another user has a VNC session with the same server, the other user’s session will be terminated when the session is started. (default)

  • Fullscreen mode

    ☑ The session will be shown in full-screen mode. The taskbar is not visible.

    ☐ The taskbar is visible. (default)

  • Color level: Number of possible colors
    Possible values:
    • Default: The highest available color depth will be used.
    • Very low (8 colors)
    • Low (64 colors)
    • Medium (256 colors)