Menu path: Setup > Sessions > RDP > Remote Desktop Web Access > Server

To predefine settings, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Sessions > RDP > Remote Desktop Web Access > Server.
  2. Under Server configuration, select Predefined configuration.
  3. Create a new session. See the Server section regarding the session settings.
  4. Select a login option under Remote Desktop Web Access > Authentication.
    If you have selected Predefined configuration, the Passthrough authentication mode will be available for logging in in addition to the normal user authentication process.
  5. Under Desktop Integration and Logoff, you can specify how you would like to log in and off.

    You must make a setting for the login icon because this is not preconfigured and you will not otherwise have access to the Web Access logon.

The applications can be provided in the Application Launcher, in the start menu, in the quick start panel, or on the desktop. Under Appearance, you can choose from the list of available applications for display on the desktop or in the quick start panel.