Menu path: Sessions > Appliance Mode > XDMCP for this display

If this session type is selected, the device acts as an XDMCP client.

Connection type: The type of the connection.
Possible values:

  • "Indirect via localhost": At startup, the device generates a list of found XDMCP hosts. The user can select a host.
  • "Indirect": At startup, a list of XDMCP hosts is displayed. This list is generated by the server specified under Name or IP of the server. The user can select a host.
  • "Direct": The login mask of the host specified under Name or IP of the server is displayed.
  • "Broadcast": The device starts a broadcast request. The login mask of that XDMCP host is displayed which is the first to respond to the broadcast request.

Name or IP of server: The name or IP of the XDMCP server.

Enable hotkeys for XDMCP Display: Defines whether hotkeys are managed by the device or the host.

☑ Hotkeys are managed by the device. When the user enters a shortcut key that is defined as a hotkey on the device, it starts the appropriate action. The input is not forwarded to the server. (Default)

☐ Hotkeys are not managed by the device. Almost all keyboard shortcuts are forwarded to the server. The hotkey [Ctrl + Alt + s] for opening the IGEL Setup can still be used, provided that this hotkey is activated under Accessories > Setup.