You can change the name of an UMS Licensing ID and the certificate which constitutes the UMS Licensing ID. Changing the name to a meaningful name can be useful if you have multiple UMS installations, and therefore multiple UMS Licensing IDs. Changing the certificate enables you to retain all Product Pack assignments when you migrate your UMS. For instructions on how to get the certificate from the UMS, see Obtaining Your UMS Licensing ID.

To edit a UMS Licensing ID:

  1. If you are not already on the UMS Licensing ID page, select UMS Licensing ID. Otherwise, go to step 2.

    On the UMS Licenseing ID page, your registered UMS Licensing IDs are shown.
  2. In the appropriate UMS Licensing ID symbol, click Edit.
  3. To change the name, edit the field UMS Licensing ID Name.
  4. To change the certificate, click Change UMS Licensing ID, upload the new certificate and click OK.