1. Log in to the IGEL License Portal (ILP) at https://activation.igel.com. If you have not registered yet, you must register first.
    Your dashboard is shown. 

  2. Select UMS ID.

    The page UMS ID is shown.

  3. Click Register UMS ID.

    The dialog Register UMS ID opens.

  4. Under UMS ID Name, enter a name for the UMS ID.

  5. Upload the certificate file you have exported in the UMS (see Obtaining Your UMS ID) and click OK.

    The UMS ID is registered. If this is the first UMS ID you registered, or if you just defined it as the default UMS ID, the dialog Assign loose Product Packs is shown.

  6. If the dialog Assign loose Product Packs is shown, click OK to assign Product Packs and continue with Assigning a Product Pack to the UMS ID.