When you have ordered a maintenance renewal, your IGEL reseller or the IGEL Customer Care team has sent you a new Delivery Token.

If Automatic License Deployment (ALD) is used, this is all you need to make the renewal effective. For further information, see Setting up Automatic License Deployment (ALD).

If Automatic License Deployment (ALD) is not set up, you have to deploy the new licenses resulting from the renewal manually. For further information, see Manual License Deployment for IGEL OS.

To renew a maintenance:

  1. Log in at the IGEL License Portal (ILP): https://activation.igel.com. If you have not registered yet, you must register first.
    Your dashboard is shown. 
  2. Select Register Delivery Token.

    Service Providers: Double Check that You Have Selected the Right Company

    Before you register a Delivery Token, make sure you have selected the right company. If you register a Delivery Token, the resulting Product Pack will be assigned to the currently selected company, no matter if that company has ordered this Product Pack or not. If you have registered a Delivery Token for the wrong company, contact the IGEL service team. 

  3. Enter the Delivery Token, confirm the license terms and click Send.

    The details of your order are shown.

The page Order Details is shown, which contains the details about your maintenance renewal.