You can configure the UMS to automatically assign licenses to devices. When Automatic License Deployment (ALD) is configured, and the UMS finds a device that needs a license, it fetches a license from the IGEL Licensing Service (ILS) and deploys it to the device automatically. The license is derived from a Product Pack; you can monitor the current license consumption using the IGEL License Portal (ILP). 

The typical use cases are as follows:

  • Assigning licenses from an IGEL Workspace Edition (WE) Product Pack to new devices while registering the devices to the UMS 
  • Renewing licenses from an IGEL Workspace Edition (WE) Product Pack
  • Assigning licenses from an IGEL Enterprise Management Pack (EMP) to a selection of devices
  • Renewing licenses from an IGEL Enterprise Management Pack (EMP) 

Supported License Types

The following license types are supported by Automatic License Deployment:



  1. Obtaining Your UMS Licensing ID
  2. Registering Your UMS Licensing ID
  3. Creating a Product Pack from a Delivery Token
  4. Assigning a Product Pack to the UMS Licensing ID
  5. Preventing User Intervention
  6. Configuring the Distribution Conditions
  7. Enabling Automatic License Deployment
  8. Intervals for Automatic License Deployment
  9. Checking If the Licenses Have Been Deployed Successfully
  10. (Optional) Starting the License Assignment Manually