Setting up Automatic License Deployment (ALD)


You can configure the UMS to automatically assign licenses to devices. When Automatic License Deployment (ALD) is configured, and the UMS finds a device that needs a license, it fetches a license from the IGEL Licensing Service (ILS) and deploys it to the device automatically. The license is derived from a Product Pack; you can monitor the current license consumption using the IGEL Licensing Portal (ILP). 

The typical use cases are as follows:

  • Assigning licenses from an IGEL Workspace Edition (WE) Product Pack to new devices while registering the devices to the UMS 
  • Renewing licenses from an IGEL Workspace Edition (WE) Product Pack
  • Assigning licenses from an IGEL Enterprise Management Pack (EMP) to a selection of devices
  • Renewing licenses from an IGEL Enterprise Management Pack (EMP) 

Supported License Types

The following license types are supported by Automatic License Deployment:



Last update: September 11, 2019