You can configure the UMS to automatically assign licenses to devices. When Automatic License Deployment (ALD) is configured, and the UMS finds a device that needs a license, it fetches a license from the IGEL Licensing Service (ILS) and deploys it to the device automatically. The license is derived from a Product Pack; you can monitor the current license consumption using the IGEL License Portal (ILP). 

Note for Managed Service Providers (MSP)

This method is NOT appropriate if you want to manage devices of several clients with one single UMS; for this use case, you should use Automatic License Deployment (ALD) with ALD Token.


Use Cases

The ALD can be used for the following:

  • Assigning licenses from an IGEL Workspace Edition (WE) Product Pack to new devices while registering the devices to the UMS 
  • Assigning licenses from an IGEL Enterprise Management Pack (EMP) to a selection of device
  • Renewing licenses from an IGEL Workspace Edition (WE) Product Pack

    Renewing licenses with UMS 6:
    If ALD is activated, a renewed license is automatically downloaded and registered to the UMS and deployed to the devices of a product pack if:

    • the product pack, which should be renewed, is registered in the UMS.
    • the product pack is renewed in ILP (gets a new expiration date) and the pack information gets refreshed in the UMS.

    Renewing licenses with with UMS12:
    The automatic license exchange option is introduced. When enabled, the devices with an expired or expiring license automatically get a renewed license from another pack with a later expiration date. For more information, see Deployment - Deploying Licenses through the IGEL UMS.

Supported License Types

The following license types are supported by ALD:


  1. Obtaining Your UMS ID
  2. Registering Your UMS ID
  3. Assigning a Product Pack to the UMS ID
  4. Preventing User Intervention
  5. Configuring the Distribution Conditions
  6. Enabling Automatic License Deployment
  7. Intervals for Automatic License Deployment
  8. Checking If the Licenses Have Been Deployed Successfully
  9. (Optional) Starting the License Assignment Manually