As of July 1st of 2022, the IGEL OS 11 subscription model is available. The IGEL OS 11 subscription replaces our old licensing model which is based on perpetual (Workspace Edition) and time-limited licenses (Maintenance, Enterprise Management Pack) that can be purchased separately. With the IGEL OS 11 subscription model, you purchase a ready-made combination of perpetual and time-limited licenses which includes the complete feature set.

What Do I Get When I Migrate to the Subscription Model?

With a valid migration from perpetual to subscription, ALL your seats will be equipped with the following features after the migration:

I Have Not Had the Enterprise Management Pack (EMP) Before – What Do I Get with EMP and What Do I Need to Use It?

For an overview of EMP, see Enterprise Management Pack.

Can I Still Purchase Perpetual Licenses According to the Legacy Model?

Perpetual licenses of the legacy model are available until December 31st if quoted by November 30th, 2022, as the bundle will be removed from the price list after November 30, 2022.

I Have Existing Perpetual Licenses; Can I Purchase Expansion Subscription Licenses or Do I Need to Migrate My Complete Install Base before Adding Subscription Licenses?

You can start purchasing expansion seats as subscription licenses, without migrating your install base, but you will need to ensure that the subscription license for your expansion seats has the same support level as your existing perpetual install base.

How Long Can I Renew My Maintenance Licenses While Keeping the Legacy Model?

You can continue purchasing maintenance renewals on the legacy model, utilizing the WE maintenance renewal SKUs on the price list. However, we recommend migrating to the subscription model when your maintenance expires.

However, when IGEL OS 11 reaches End of Maintenance (EOM), currently scheduled for December 31st, 2025, only subscription versions of the then-current OS will be available.

Can I Renew My EMP Licenses While Keeping the Legacy Model?

With the introduction of the IGEL OS 11 subscription model, separate Enterprise Management Packet (EMP) licenses are only available in a few scenarios for existing EMP customers. In general, purchasing EMP licenses in the subscription model and/or migrating your install base will be more economical. 

What Does "IGEL OS 11 Subscription" Mean?

IGEL OS 11 is currently a hybrid subscription model because the operating system will continue to function if the subscription expires. When your subscription has expired, you will lose the following:

For details, see What Happens When My Subscription Expires?

However, you can continue using IGEL OS and UMS as defined under Workspace Edition (WE)

Which License Terms are Available in the Subscription Model?

The price list has prices for a 1-year term and a 3-year term. We can quote custom terms if you need a term that varies from that standard.

Note that IGEL requires upfront payment for all years to enjoy the discount built into the multi-year SKUs.

Can I Migrate Only a Subset of My Licenses and Keep the Remaining Licenses in the Old Model?

No. You can only migrate your complete install base.

Will My Support Level Change with the Migration?

You can keep your support level or switch to a higher support level; this will, of course, have an impact on the price.

How Do I Migrate My Licenses?

Contact your IGEL renewals/sales representative. If unsure, refer to

If I Migrate Before License Expiry, Will I Have to Pay Extra Due To the Overlap?

No, you will only be charged for a term added to your current entitlement. 

Will My Licenses Be Consolidated/Co-termed on Migration?

Yes, all your licenses will have only one term after the migration. 

Technically, this does not imply the merging of Product Packs; your Product Pack structure is preserved. Only the subscription keys, the entitlements, the contracts, and the terms are changed.

Will I still be able to split Product Packs?

Yes. Your Product Pack structure is preserved, only the Subscription Key is changed.

Can I Still Move a License from One Device to Another?

Yes, license portability is still available.

What Happens If a License Expires While the Device Is Connected via ICG – Can I Deploy Renewals via ICG?

Yes, you can. The ICG still supports license deployment when the EMP license has expired.

Can I Pause the Subscription for a Device That Is Not in Use at the Moment?

No, but you can use the license for another device, see License portability.

I am Deploying My License Manually (Using a .lic File) – Is This Still Possible?

Yes. The license deployment process remains unchanged when you migrate to the IGEL OS 11 subscription model.

What Happens When My Subscription Expires?

The following features will be deactivated:

The following features will remain available:

For details, see the tables below:

Functions On the Endpoint Device

FunctionSubscription ActiveSubscription Expired
Use IGEL OS 11(tick)(tick)
Connect to UMS (scan and register)(tick)(tick)
Update firmware locally(tick)

(see the note *)

Activate multimedia codecs(tick)(tick)
Shared Workplace(tick)(error)

Endpoint Management Functions

FunctionSubscription ActiveSubscription Expired
Scan and register devices(tick)(tick)
Use the ICG (license deployment is still functional)(tick)(error)
Deploy productive licenses(tick)(tick)
Perform device configuration changes with profiles (not via ICG)(tick)(tick)
Perform device configuration changes remotely (not via ICG)(tick)(tick)
Shadow devices (not via ICG)(tick)(tick)
Shadow devices (via ICG)(tick)(error)
Power control commands(tick)(tick)
IGEL Management Interface (IMI)(tick)(tick)
Trigger Firmware Update(tick)(error)
Perform device configuration changes with profiles via ICG(tick)(error)
Perform device configuration changes remotely via ICG(tick)(error)
Asset Inventory Tracker (AIT)(tick)(error)

License Management via the IGEL License Portal (ILP)

FunctionSubscription ActiveSubscription Expired
License portability (remove unit IDs from Product Packs)(tick)(error)


ServiceSubscription ActiveSubscription Expired

OS11 SelectOS11 PriorityOS11 Priority Plus
Coverage Hours12/5 (US)
10/5 (EMEA)
12/5 (US)
10/5 (EMEA)
24/7 (critical issues)(error)
Web-Based Support(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)
Phone Support(error)(tick)(tick)(error)
Support via Remote Access(error)(tick)(tick)(error)
Named contact510150
Non-critical Response time3 daysnext business day4 business hours(error)
Critical Response time3 days4 business hours2 hours (24x7)(error)

* With an expired subscription, you can update your firmware locally, as long as the release date of the firmware update is lower than the expiration date.


  • The subscription expired on 01.08.2022; a local update to IGEL OS 11.07.100 (release date 29.03.2022) is STILL possible.
  • The subscription expired on 01.08.2022; a local update to IGEL OS 11.08.100 (release date 19.08.2022) is NOT possible.