1. If you are not logged in to the IGEL License Portal, login at https://activation.igel.com.
  2. If the dashboard for the desired company is shown, continue with the next step. Otherwise, follow the instructions under Managing Your Company
  3. In the account menu, select Manage Company.
  4. The screen Manage Company is shown.
  5. Click Invite user.

    The dialog Invite User is shown.
  6. Enter the e-mail address of the user you want to invite to the company.
  7. Select a role for the user you want to invite:
    • Administrator: This role has permissions for all actions that are possible in the IGEL License Portal.
    • Service Provider: This role has permissions for all actions except user management. Therefore, the service provider can not invite or remove a user, or change the user's role.
    • User: This role has reading permissions for all areas in the IGEL License Portal, but can not perform any action.
  8. Click Send.
  9. An invitation e-mail is sent to the user. The e-mail contains a link to the registration form of the IGEL License Portal. The user has to register at the IGEL License Portal, unless he is registered already.
    The invitation is displayed under Pending Invitations:

    When the user has registered with the IGEL License Portal, and his account has been approved by the IGEL Customer Care team, the user is added to the company. The whole process can take up to a few days.