Menu path: Setup > Security > Password

Here, you can restrict access to various areas of the thin client with a password.

It is strongly recommended that you change the administrator password after starting the thin client for the first time. Only the administrator can change passwords.

Changes to passwords are only saved if you click on the OK or Apply button.
  • Use IGEL Setup for auto-logon settings:

    The settings for automatic logon are specified in the setup (default).

  • Administrator: Use password:

    Logging on as an administrator is only possible with a password.

    To set or change a password, click on Change password and enter the desired password twice.
  • Setup user: Enable user access:

    With this password, the user is given access to selected areas of the setup.

    Under Accessories > Setup Session > Page Authorizations, enable those areas to which the user is to have access.

  • User name: Use password

    You specify a password for the user.

  • Rescue shell user: Use password

    You specify a password for the rescue shell.

    The rescue shell can be launched with the administrator password.

  • Auto Logon: Specify a user who is automatically logged on when the system starts. Auto Logon of the user user is preset by default.
    • Username: Name of the user
    • Password: Password of the user
    • Domain: Only needed for an Active Directory user
    • Enable auto logon:

      When the system boots (and the Shift key is not pressed), the user will automatically be logged on.

    • Forces auto logon:

      When the user logs off (and the Shift key is not pressed), they will automatically be logged on again.