Menu path: Setup > System > Remote Management

Here, you can configure settings relating to the remote administration of the client using the Universal Management Suite (UMS).

  • Enable Remote Management: If this option is enabled, you can administer the client using the UMS.
  • Universal Management Suite Server: If the client is already registered on a UMS, the UMS will be in this list. Otherwise, enter the host name or IP address and the port number of the UMS on which the client is to register.

    The list can contain more than one UMS instance. If the client cannot contact a UMS under the host name igelrmserver, and the DHCP option 244 is not set, the client will go through the entries in the list until it can contact a UMS successfully.
  • Enable User information: If this option is enabled, a message window will inform the user that the client is receiving new settings from the UMS or is being shut down.
  • User Information Message Timeout: Number of seconds for which the message window is shown.
  • Universal Management Suite Structure Tag: Give a Structure Tag indicating into which directory the client is automatically sorted in the UMS.

    Further information regarding the use of Structure Tags can be found in the Using Structure Tags How-To.