The content panel shows the properties of the particular object highlighted in the structure tree. This can be the contents of a directory, e.g. the profiles, devices, sub-folders, tasks etc. contained therein, or detailed information relating to an object such as a device's system information, the basic data for a profile, the hit list for a view etc.

Illustrative List of Details Shown in the Content Panel for Some Objects from the UMS Structure Tree

Server - [IP Address]

  • Profiles: Name, description, profile ID, etc. See Profiles.
  • Master Profiles: Name, description, profile ID, etc. See Master Profiles.
  • Template Profiles: Name and description of template keys and value groups. See Template Profiles.
  • Firmware Customizations: Name, use case, and configuration parameters of a firmware customization. See Firmware Customizations.
  • Devices: System information, license and monitor information, features, etc. See Devices and Device.

    With a Copy to Clipboard (ASCII) button at the bottom of the content panel, you can copy the device information in ASCII format.

  • Mobile Devices: System information, network details, etc. of the connected mobile devices. See Mobile Device Management Essentials (MDM).
  • Shared Workplace Users: Name, email addresses of the users from Active Directory, etc. See Shared Workplace.
  • Views: Name, rule, matching devices, etc. See Views.
  • Jobs: Job info, schedule, execution results, etc. See Jobs.
  • Files: Source URL, classification, device file location, access rights, etc. See Files.
  • Universal Firmware Update: Firmware update settings and version, download status, etc. See Universal Firmware Update.
  • Search History: Name, rule, matching devices, etc. See Search History.
  • Recycle Bin: Name and type of the deleted object, its deletion date, etc. See Recycle Bin.

UMS Administration

  • Server: Information regarding the service executed, requests, failed and waiting requests. See Server.
  • Load Balancer: Information regarding the service executed, requests, failed and waiting requests. See Load Balancer.
  • Licenses: License summary, registered licenses. See Licenses.
  • Certificate Management: Signature algorithm, key, status of the certificates, etc. See Certificate Management.
  • Device Attributes: Device attributes such as name, type, etc. See Device Attributes.
  • Administrative Tasks: List with tasks, execution history. See Administrative Tasks - Configure Scheduled Actions for the IGEL UMS.
  • Proxy Server: Name, host, port, etc. See Proxy Server.
  • Universal Firmware Update: Settings for the Universal Firmware Update, settings for the FTP servers to which the files are copied (optional). See Universal Firmware Update.
  • Wake-on-LAN: Wake-on-LAN configuration parameters. See Wake-on-LAN.
  • Active Directory / LDAP: Active Directory / LDAP domains. See Active Directory / LDAP.
  • Remote Access: Secure VNC connection, graphics settings, etc. See Remote Access.
  • Logging: Log message settings, logging event settings. See Logging.
  • Mail Settings: Mail settings, recipient for administrative task result and service emails. See Mail Settings.
  • Misc Settings: Activating recycle bin, template profiles, master profiles. See Misc Settings.