UMS Architecture and Sizing Recommendations

  • These recommendations are valid for a common UMS scenario.
    If a customer environment has specific requirements, the architecture might not be suitable.
  • System requirements are for UMS 6.05 and ICG 2.02.
  • System requirements do not include host OS requirements! The values are for the UMS processes only.

Definition: Common UMS Scenario

  • UMS services (server, load balancer, console) are in same internal LAN (no NAT, no firewalls, no proxies)
  • Devices are in the same internal LAN as UMS services (no NAT, no firewalls, no proxies)
    Exception: ICG connected devices
  • Devices are not booted/rebooted frequently (once a day on average)
    (Scenarios, where large numbers of devices are booted/rebooted simultaneously, are not covered by this recommendation!) 
  • Normal use of firmware update feature (not more than 10 firmware updates in UMS)
  • UMS backups and exports are not permanently stored on UMS server host

Basic System Maintenance

  • UMS services produce log files that grow over time. Make sure to check consumed disc space regularly and remove old log files if necessary.
  • If the embedded database is used, check for free disc space regularly and expand the disc if necessary (keep at least 1 GB free at any time)