The UMS Console contains the following areas: 


Menu Bar

All commands and actions can be executed from the menu. You can use shortcuts ([Alt] + underlined character in the menu element) to access the menu bar via the keyboard.


Symbol Bar

Frequently used commands relating to objects in the navigation tree.


Structure Tree

Provides access to all UMS Objects such as devices registered on the UMS Server, Directories, Profiles, Views, Scheduled tasks etc.


Content Panel

Information regarding the selected object. Many entry fields can be edited directly.


Assigned Objects

Objects assigned to the devices or folders.


UMS Administration

Administrative tasks, e. g. configuring domains, Universal Firmware Updates and the scheduled backup of the UMS Database (only Embedded DB)



Messages regarding actions launched in the UMS Console. Messages regarding successful procedures will be shown in green. Messages regarding problems when executing procedures will be shown in red.


Status row

Status messages from the console, e. g. the server currently connected and the user name.

You can change the vertical and horizontal limits between the navigation tree/UMS Administration, content panel and messages in order to adjust the size of the areas to suit your needs. From UMS Version 5.02.100, the changes are saved so that they will be available again the next time that you log on.