Typical Usage Scenarios

  • Supplementing local apps: Rolling out applications for local operations, e.g. checkout software for retailers and other sector-specific software, on a centralized basis
  • Upgrading device drivers: For sector-specific peripherals or original drivers
  • Setting registry keys: Individually adapting Windows Embedded Standard
  • Kiosk systems: Equipping devices with special local applications or software clients in order to operate them independently of the company network, e.g. as time recording terminals


  • Simple procedures for generating, packing and rolling out firmware expansion packages for IGEL Windows Embedded (partial update).
  • Predefined templates: Task-oriented for typical application scenarios
  • Debugging: Automatic package creation with syntax checks
  • Automatic versioning within customization projects
  • Support for the packages created available from the IGEL support team

Testing Required

Before distributing changes to your actual systems, it is important to test partial updates on one or more devices to ensure that they are stable and function correctly.