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UMS (common)

  • Added: New Feature Asset Inventory Tracker.
    With a valid Asset Inventory license, it enables the user to collect Asset Inventory data from thin clients with Linux firmware 10.03.100 and higher.
    The data is displayed as part of the thin client details panel.

Console (common)

  • Added: Function to check for new UMS updates. (UMS > Help > UMS Update Check)
  • Added: Export and import actions for template keys, value groups, and firmware customizations.

Server (common)

  • Updated: Apache Tomcat from version 8.0.41 to 8.0.44.

Thin Clients

  • Added: New thin client attribute Battery Level.
  • Added: Advanced thin client state icons.
    The feature is activated by default and can be disabled via Misc > Settings > Appearance > Use Advanced Health Status Icons.
    In addition to the existing states (online and offline) four new states have been added: Never communicated with UMS, License violated, In Lockscreen, and In Firmware Update.
    The states In Lockscreen and In Firmware Update are only visible if the thin client firmware supports it and if the following option is set in the UMS (activated by default): UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Thin Client Network > Thin Clients send updates. This feature requires Linux firmware 10.03.100 or newer.
  • Added: Advanced message functionality.
    The Send Message action in the thin client context menu opens a new editor to send customized messages and templates.
    Several default templates have been added and can be seen/changed in UMS > UMS Administration > Global Configuration >TC Rich Message Templates.
    Thin clients which do not support the feature are showing the plain message like before.
  • Added: Clear value button for thin client attributes with type "DATE".

Universal Firmware Update

  • Added: Filter option to show only the latest available firmware version in firmware update dialog. (UMS Console > Universal Firmware Update Tree Node > Context Menu > Check for new firmware updates)

Console (UMS Administration)

  • Added: Possibility to use a list of predefined thin client attribute values. (UMS Console > UMS Administration Tree > Global Configuration > Thin Client Attribute)
  • Changed: The order of the tree nodes in UMS Console > UMS Administration > Global Configuration.

Administrative Tasks

  • Added: Administrative tasks can now be executed monthly.
  • Added: New administration task to save a UMS view on the file system.


  • Changed: Unused firmware can now be removed separately. (UMS Console > Misc > Remove Unused Firmwares)

IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

  • Changed: The file and user synchronization process after connecting an Igel Cloud Gateway is now executed in the background.

IGEL Management Interface (IMI)

  • Added: IMI V3 supports now Asset Inventory Information.
  • Added: IMI V3 supports now Reset to factory defaults for thin clients.
  • Added: The thin client details do now contain the field Battery Level in IMI V3.

Installer (Linux)

  • Added: Enhanced functionality for UMS installations on Linux. Required libraries can now be installed automatically during UMS installation.