A command line program for creating a backup with batch file scripts is also available. With the embackup.exe command line program, you can create backups with the help of batch scripts. You will find embackup.exe in the rmadmin sub-directory in the UMS installation directory.



Program Launch Options

-b path/file name

Creates a backup of the database.

-b path/file name -f

Creates a backup with all three components.

-r path/file name

The backup file with the specified path will be restored in the database.


During processing, all program outputs (except error messages) will be suppressed.

  • The part of the path after the last / or \ is always used as the file name. If for example when calling up –b the path of a directory is specified, a backup with the name of the directory will be created and saved in the higher-level directory.
  • If a new backup is given a file name of a backup which already exists in this directory, the existing backup will automatically be overwritten.
  • When a backup is created, the UMS server does not shut down.
  • When a backup is restored, the UMS server briefly shuts down and automatically restarts afterwards.