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UMS, common

  • Fixed: Deleting a firmware update snapshot also deleted the ums_filetransfer folder. (Only occurred if the firmware update has been stored directly in the UMS webdav folder without parent folder).

Console, common

  • Fixed: Indicator that the device settings have changed (blue exclamation mark) did not always appear when an assigned profile was changed or indirectly assigned to a device.
  • Fixed: When using an Oracle database, after moving files/views to a subfolder the file/view count display of the subfolder was not updated.
  • Fixed: The "Show Message" button (UMS Console > Bottom right hand corner) in "smart contrast" behaves now analogously to the other themes.
  • Fixed: The UMS firmware statistics overview (Misc > Firmware Statistics) could display a wrong number of devices when UD Pocket devices were managed in the UMS.
  • Fixed: When a firmware customization has been assigned to a device, this device and all other already assigned devices got a notification that the settings have changed. Now only the new device will get the notification.
  • Fixed: Overwriting an existing zip file when exporting firmware, firmware customizations, template keys / groups and device settings created an unusable file (System > Export...).


  • Changed: The value of 'Last IP' in 'System Information' of a device is no longer editable and has been moved from the editable section to the non-editable section.
  • Fixed: Possible problems with the File Transfer Status if the device is connected via ICG.
  • Changed: Renamed the field 'Expiration Date of Maintenance Subscription' to 'Expiration Date of OS10-Maintenance Subscription' in the device detail view to avoid confusion (Device > Detail View > Advanced System Information).


  • Fixed: 'New Profile' dialog did not resize if expert mode was closed (UMS Console > Profiles > context menu > New Profile).


  • Fixed: Creating a view with criterion 'Monitor size' caused an error with the SQL Server database.

Configuration Dialog

  • Fixed: In the configuration dialog of a device on the Security > Password page, the "Change Password" buttons are now properly enabled/disabled to match the enable states of the corresponding parameters.
  • Fixed: In profile configuration dialog (Devices > Storage Hotplug), the "Storage Hotplug" selection was not saved.

Console, administration section

  • Fixed: Display of wrong status after renaming a server (UMS Administration > UMS Network > Server).
  • Added: Syntactic check of email address before sending email in Cloud Gateway Options (UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Cloud gateway options > First authentications keys > Send first Email authentications keys by Email).

Firmware Customization

  • Fixed: Importing a firmware customization without assigned files resulted in a "permission denied" warning.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Fixed: MDM is working again with LDAP users.

Server, common

  • Changed: Server details (UMS Administration > Server) will now show the actual name of the Linux operating system if it provides the file /etc/os-release.

High Availability Feature

  • Fixed: Support information for HA feature no longer generates error-entry on other servers.
  • Fixed: Issue with data directory in HA update. HA update changed the data directory (ums_filetransfer) to c:\programData\igel without notice. All files were automatically moved to the new directory. On Linux systems, the issue could lead to loss of files in ums_filetransfer folder.

UI / Look&Feel

  • Fixed: Console used wrong tooltip color after sending RichMessages.

Installer (Linux)

  • Fixed: After an upgrade installation of the UMS Load Balancer, it did not talk to the UMS Server anymore.