In February 2019 with the launch of IGEL OS 11, IGEL separated the purchase of IGEL hardware and IGEL software licenses. An IGEL endpoint device enters EOL phase as soon as its successor hardware-generation is launched. That does not affect the hardware EOS date. IGEL sells hardware devices in EOL phase as long as there is stock, or IGEL may opt to set a dedicated EOS date. This decision is made by IGEL executive sales management.

Since IGEL hardware and software are offered separately, the EOL date of IGEL OS 11 and later does not affect the lifecycle of an IGEL endpoint, and vice-versa.

Until February 2019, with IGEL OS 10 and earlier, the OS was bundled with the hardware. As soon as an IGEL OS major release went end-of-life (EOL), the device went end-of-life (EOL), too.

EOL – End of Life

EOL means the product is at the end of its product lifecycle. As soon as the product enters the EOL phase, IGEL no longer provides further product enhancements, i.e. no new functionalities. 

 enters the EOL phase as soon as IGEL OS 12 is launched.

With the launch of IGEL OS 11, an IGEL endpoint device enters the EOL phase as soon as its successor hardware generation is launched.

EOS – End of Sale

EOS means that the product is not available on the regular pricelist anymore / licenses are no longer offered for sale.

The EOS date is the last day the corresponding product / license can be ordered by distribution without a valid quote; pre-existing quotes or contractual arrangements will be subject to exception approval.

EOS is independent of EOL and EOM dates.

EOM – End of Maintenance

EOM means the maintenance for this product expires: no updates, no security and bug fixes. The product is no longer supported.

EOM for IGEL OS 11: currently scheduled for 31.12.2025

EOM for IGEL hardware:

  • after the launch of IGEL OS 11: IGEL device's EOS date + 3 years
  • before IGEL OS 11: EOL date for IGEL OS + 3 years
For a detailed overview, see IGEL Product Lifecycle.