The recommended method to install the ICG is to use the ICG Remote Installer. For instructions, see Installation and Setup.

The ICG Remote Installer is available as of UMS 5.09.100.

Creating and Exporting a Certificate in ICG Keystore Format

  1. Start the UMS Console.
  2. Create a signed certificate if you have not already done so. Depending on your requirements, choose one of the following procedures:
  3. Under UMS Administration, go to Global Configuration > Certificate Management > Cloud Gateway (UMS 6.06 or higher) resp. Global Configuration > Cloud Gateway Options (UMS 6.05 or lower).
  4. Right-click the certificate the ICG should be installed with; from the context menu, choose Export certificate chain to IGEL Cloud Gateway keystore format.

Uploading the Keystore

You can use SCP (secure copy) to upload the keystore exported from the UMS to the machine on which the ICG will be installed.

From Windows with WinSCP

  1. Download the free WinSCP software from and install it.
  2. In WinSCP configure a new session with these settings:
    • File protocol: SCP
    • Host name: Name or IP address of your ICG machine
    • Username: sshuser
    • Password: the password you have set for sshuser
  3. Click Login.
  4. Drag-and-drop the keystore.icg file to sshuser's home directory on the ICG machine.

From Linux with SCP

  1. In a terminal emulator, change to the directory you saved the keystore file in.
  2. Run the following commandline:
    scp keystore.icg sshuser@[host]:~/
  3. Enter the password you have set for sshuser.
    The file is uploaded.

Running the ICG Installer

  1. Log into the machine as root
  2. Copy the uploaded keystore into the current directory with the cp command:
    cp /home/sshuser/keystore.icg .

    Please note that "." (fullstop) is part of the command. The fullstop stands for the current directory. So, you pass the cp command two arguments: "/home/sshuser/keystore.icg" and "." for the current directory.
  3. Make the ICG installer file executable with the chmod command: chmod u+x installer-[version].bin
  4. Start the installer with:
    ./installer-[version].bin keystore.icg
  5. Accept the installation path.
  6. Accept or change the TCP port for the ICG service (Default: 8443).

    This port must be permanently available for the ICG.

    The installer configures and starts the Tomcat server, printing environment variables.

    Do not reboot the system or restart the ICG Tomcat server before the first connection has been made from UMS.

Connecting the UMS to the ICG

For instructions, see Connecting the UMS to the ICG.