IGEL Universal MultiDisplay is supported by IGEL Linux v5 or lower and is no longer obtainable.

The IGEL Universal MultiDisplay (UMD) solution enables you to set up an extended desktop with up to eight screens in any arrangement (the individual screen areas must however be in contact with each other at one edge and corner, and cannot overlap).

A master thin client (master) can be connected to up to three satellite thin clients (satellite), while one or two screens can be connected to each of the thin clients within the group. Only the master is connected to the company network. The satellites are connected, via their own network, only to the master, which must have a second network card for this purpose.

All other peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse etc. are connected to the master. The entire system is also configured on the master, either via its local setup or the IGEL Universal Management Suite UMS.

IGEL Universal MultiDisplay Setup