Menu path: Setup > System > Firmware Configuration > Custom Partition > Partition

Here, you can create a partition of your own.

  • Enable partition

    ☑ The customer partition is enabled in the IGEL Setup of the thin client or with the IGEL Universal Management Suite via the setup path.

    ☐ The customer partition is not enabled. (default)

  • Size: Size of the partition in bytes. The value can have the following multiplicative endings:
    k for kilobytes
    K for kibibytes
    m for megabytes
    M for mebibytes
    g for gigabytes
    G for gibibytes

    Sensible figures are for example 100 K (for 100 KiB = 100 * 1024 bytes) or 100 M (for 100 MiB = 100 * 1024 * 1024 bytes). The size of the partition should be set to at least 100 KiB. However, no more than 300 MiB should be reserved for the customer-specific partition (based on the 1 GB standard CF used in IGEL Linux thin clients). This is because subsequent firmware updates may require more storage space than the current version.

  • Mount point: Path on which the partition is to be mounted. (default: /custom)
  • Partitions parameters: From IGEL OS Version 10.03.100, you can enter name value pairs which are passed on to the custom partition for further processing.
    To manage the list, proceed as follows:
    • Click to create a new parameter.
    • Click to remove the selected parameter.
    • Click to edit the selected parameter.
    • Click to copy the selected parameter.


  • Name: Name of the parameter
  • Value: Value of the parameter