Menu path: Setup > Sessions > Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp > Legacy ICA Sessions > [ICA Session] > Server

ICA sessions only function with XenApp servers of Version 6.5 or older.

In this area, you can specify the following server connection details regardless of the default settings:

  • Browser protocol: The protocol that is to be used when searching for servers and published applications
    • Default
    • TCP/IP + HTTP
    • TCP/IP
    • SSL + HTTPS
  • Do not use default server location:

    ☑ Lifts the default server requirement – for each protocol separately

    ☐ Default server location is used (default)

HTTP server location

Several names or IP addresses of the server and application browser

  • Citrix server: By selecting the server, the user is connected to the entire desktop as if logging on at the server itself. As a result, all applications, rights and settings contained in the user's profile (local server profile) are available. (default: enabled)
  • Published application: If you select a published application, the session is opened in a window which contains just one application. The session is ended when you close this application. (default: disabled)
  • Server: Application name, server or IP address
    • Click on Browse to send a transmission signal which searches through all available servers and published applications.
  • Application: If you have entered the server manually, you can specify a published application here. These fields are automatically filled in if you have found one of the recognized published applications as a result of the search.
  • Work directory: Complete path of the work directory for the application on the server.