Under System System, you can execute various tools including the firmware updating tool with the pre-set update information.

The following tools are available:

  • Identify Monitors: Shows the screen's number and manufacturer details.
  • Screenshot Tool: Takes photos of the screen content.
  • Bluetooth Tool: Starts the Bluetooth tool.
  • Firmware Update: Carries out the update with the settings made during the setup.
  • Savely Remove Hardware: Removes external storage devices without a risk of losing data.
  • Disk Utility: Shows information regarding connected USB drives.
  • Network Tools: Provides detailed information on the network connection and offers a number of problem analysis tools such as Ping or Traceroute.
  • Setup: Launches the IGEL Setup.
  • System Information: Shows information regarding hardware, the network and connected devices.
  • System Log Viewer: Shows system log files "live" and allows you to add your own logs.
  • Task Manager: Manages all processes.
  • Touchscreen Calibration: Allows a connected touchscreen monitor to be calibrated.
  • UMS Registration: Logs the thin client on to a UMS server (access data for the server are required).
  • Webcam Information: Shows data relating to a connected webcam and allows the camera to be tested.