Menu path: Setup > System > Power Options > System

Here you can configure the settings for standby and for the CPU power plan.

System suspend/shutdown on inactivity: Specify how long the user can be inactive before the system switches to standby mode or shuts down, dependent on the option selected under System action on inactivity.
Possible values:

  • Never
  • After 1 minute
  • ...
  • After 24 hours

System action on inactivity
Possible options:

  • Suspend: The system is set to standby mode after the timeout defined with System suspend/shutdown on inactivity has expired.
  • Shutdown: The system is shut down after the timeout defined with System suspend/shutdown on inactivity has expired. 

Without dialog

☑ The user is not asked if the system is to be set to the standby mode.

☐ The dialog will be shown. (Default).

Dialog timeout: Time in seconds, for which the dialog is to be displayed. (Default: 10 seconds)

CPU Power Plan: Specify here which CPU power plan (CPU Governor) the device is to use in battery mode and in AC mode.

  • On Battery:
    High Performance: full performance with maximum processor speed
    Balanced (Smooth): slower regulation of performance in a balanced manner according to the demands of programs. Suitable for users who are bothered by the fan frequently running at high speed.
    Balanced (Recommended) : rapid regulation of performance according to the demands of programs.
    Power Saver: lowest processor speed
  • Plugged in:
    High Performance
    Balanced (Smooth)
    Balanced (Recommended)
    Power Saver

Tray Icon

☑ A CPU icon will be shown in the system tray. This makes it easy to switch between power plans.

☐ No CPU icon will be shown. (Default)