Menu path: Sessions > Firefox Browser > Firefox Browser Global

In this area, you can define the start page, display resolution, and font size for the browser. 

You can change the following settings:

When browser starts: Specifies what pages are shown when the browser is launched.

  • Start with a blank page
  • Show my start page (default)
  • Resume previous session: All tabs from the last session are reopened.

Start page: Specifies the URL of the start page. You can specify a number of start pages by separating the URLs of the start pages with a vertical dash "|".

Display resolution: Specifies the display resolution for the browser in DPI. Typical values are 72 for medium screens and 96 for large screens.
Possible values:

  • System setting
  • (Various discreet values)

Minimum font size: Specifies the minimum size of the fonts displayed on websites. The formats of the websites are overwritten in the process.
Possible values:

  • None: The fonts can be as small as you like. (default)
  • (Various discreet values)

Show browser splash screen

☑ While the browser is starting, a Firefox logo will be shown in the middle of the screen. (default)

☐ No Firefox logo will be shown.

For information on the kiosk mode, see Use the Firefox Browser in Kiosk Mode.