Menu path: Sessions > Firefox Browser > Firefox Browser Global

In this area, you can define the start page, display resolution, and font size for the browser. 

You can change the following settings:

When browser starts: Specifies what pages are shown when the browser is launched.

  • Start with a blank page
  • Show my start page (default)
  • Resume previous session: All tabs from the last session are reopened.

Start page: Specifies the URL of the start page. You can specify the number of start pages by separating the URLs of the start pages with a vertical dash "|".

Default web browser: Defines which browser will be chosen by the system,  e.g. for opening Citrix Storefront.
Possible options:

  • "Firefox Browser"
  • "Chromium Browser"

Display resolution: Specifies the display resolution for the browser in DPI. Typical values are 72 for medium screens and 96 for large screens.
Possible values:

  • System setting
  • (Various discreet values)

Minimum font size: Specifies the minimum size of the fonts displayed on websites. The formats of the websites are overwritten in the process.
Possible values:

  • None: The fonts can be as small as you like. (default)
  • (Various discreet values)

Show browser splash screen

☑ While the browser is starting, a Firefox logo will be shown in the middle of the screen. (default)

☐ No Firefox logo will be shown.

For information on the kiosk mode, see Use the Firefox Browser in Kiosk Mode.

Please note: With an enabled Browser content redirection under Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > HDX Multimedia, any H.264 multimedia content within Firefox (incl. video playback) is not functional anymore. These two features cannot be used simultaneously. See HDX Multimedia Settings for an IGEL OS Citrix Session.