Menu path: Setup > System > Firmware Customization > Custom Commands > Network

You can define commands for the execution times described below:

Network initialization

  • The commands defined here are executed at the beginning of the network configuration.

The commands in the below fields are executed each time the relevant network interface starts. The INTERFACE environment variable contains the name of the network interface started.

After network DNS

  • Runs after each change in the IP address or host name
  • IP address / name server settings used (e.g. via DHCP)

Before network services

  • IP address / name server settings used
  • VPN connected (if VPN autostart was enabled in the setup)
  • No network / host routing settings used

Final network command

  • Network / host routing settings used
  • NFS and SMB drives available
  • System time synchronized with time server
  • UMS settings retrieved but not effective yet