The IGEL Azure Virtual Desktop client recently underwent critical client-side changes related to the Microsoft's RD Client for Linux SDK to leverage a newly optimized Azure backend for the Azure Virtual Desktop service.

Microsoft updated the RD Client SDK on Nov 29, 2022 which is when they committed their Kestrel code.  (commit 89f7e52).

To avoid being impacted by this upcoming change, please upgrade to IGEL OS 11.08.330 or newer before August 15 to avoid any impact from the Azure environment changes going into production. 

If you want to update your IGEL OS, see Firmware Update Settings for IGEL OS.


IGEL OS VersionRelease DateKestrel

13. December 2022

11.08.29030. March 2023Yes

IGEL OS 11.08.330 has other enhancements that make it the better choice for those upgrading.  

Microsoft and IGEL recommend that the AVD client be kept as current as possible and that customers upgrade to make sure that compatibilities with new features and guarantee continued support.

For usage of Private Builds:

The first version of IGEL AVD client that we would consider safe would be 1.1.12

Check the corresponding release notes or open a terminal and enter: /services/avd/bin/igelrdp3 -v for a direct check.

The Version of the IGEL AVD client is also included in the release notes for private builds. They can be found in readme.<version>.txt under the Component Versions section. See IGEL OS Release Notes

What Happens If You Don't Update To the Latest IGEL OS Version?

Users who continue using older versions of the IGEL Azure Virtual Desktop client may experience frequent session disconnections once Microsoft rolls out the backend changes into production.

If you want to learn more about the technical details regarding the change, please see A Heavy Lift: Bringing Kestrel + YARP to Azure App Services (”

If you have any problems regarding the Update, please contact the support via the IGEL Customer Portal.