Menu path: Setup > System > Firmware Configuration > Corporate Design > Custom Bootsplash

With a bootsplash, you can show your company logo or a specific image during the booting procedure. The bootsplash will be shown instead of the console messages.

Please note: You need to provide an image file for your custom bootsplash on a download server.

The file types JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, SVG, GIF, and TIFF can be used for a bootsplash. A total storage area of 25 MB is available for all user-specific images. The image is 800 x 600 pixels in size (aspect ratio remains unchanged). It can be positioned vertically and horizontally.

Custom Bootsplash

Enable custom bootsplash

☑ You can make the following settings in order to configure a custom bootsplash.

☐ No custom bootsplash is configured. (Default)

Custom Bootsplash - Server Location

Use firmware update server location

☑ The server configuration will be carried over from the firmware update.

☐ You can carry out a custom configuration below. (Default)

Protocol: Access method for the image
Possible options:

  • HTTP: Download from a web server
  • HTTPS: Download from a TLS/SSL-secured web server
  • FTP: Download from an FTP server
  • Secure FTP: Download via SSH-secured FTP
  • FTPS: Download from a TLS/SSL-secured FTP server
  • FILE: The image file lies in the file system of the device, possibly as a shared NFS or Windows update. You can choose the location simply by selecting a file below.

Server name: Name or IP address of the server

Port: Port of the server on which the service is provided (Default: 21)

Server path: Path to the directory with the image file on the server

User name: User name on the server

Password: Password for the user account on the server

Custom Bootsplash - Settings

Custom bootsplash file: File name of the custom image
As regards positioning, the following applies: 0 = left-justified, 50 = centered, 100 = right-justified

Custom bootsplash style:

  • Original
  • Stretched
  • Scaled
  • Zoomed

Background color: Use the color picker to choose.

Horizontal position of the bootsplash image (Default: 50)

Vertical position of the bootsplash image (Default: 50)

Size of progress indicator (Default 72)

Horizontal position of the progress indicator (Default: 90)

Vertical position of the progress indicator (Default: 90)

Bootsplash update: The user-specific bootsplash will be downloaded from the given server.

If you change the image file or even just one of the settings for an existing bootsplash, be sure to click on Bootsplash update in order to regenerate the system files used and then on Apply or OK.