Rolling Release Info: OS 11.07.110

The information provided here is valid with IGEL OS 11.07.110 and higher.

The following table shows the features currently available in Microsoft Remote Desktop Client, including IGEL OS which is built with the Microsoft RD Core for Linux.


Windows 10Microsoft Store


IGEL OSComments
RDPAVD / W365NativeNativeWeb clientNativeAVD / W365CitrixVMware
Remote Desktop sessionsyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesThe desktop of a remote computer is presented in a full screen or windowed mode
Integrated RemoteApp sessionsyesyesnononoyesnonoyesnoIndividual remote apps are integrated into the local desktop as if they are running locally
Immersive RemoteApp sessionsnonoyesyesyesnoyesyes (no taskbar)noyesIndividual remote apps are presented in a window or maximized to a full screen
Multiple monitors16 monitor limit16 monitor limitnonono16 monitor limitno16 monitor limit8 monitor limit8 monitor limitAllows the user to run a remote desktop or remote apps on all local monitors
Dynamic resolutionyesyesyesnonoyesyesyesyesyesThe resolution and orientation of local monitors are dynamically reflected in the remote session. If the client is running in windowed mode, the remote desktop is resized dynamically to the size of the client window.
Smart sizingyesyesyesnonoyesnoyesyesyesThe remote desktop in windowed mode is dynamically scaled to the window's size
LocalizationnoyesyesEnglish onlyyesyesyesEnglish onlyyesnoThe client user interface is available in multiple languages
Multi-factor authenticationnoyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes*yesSupports multi-factor authentication for remote connections
Prioritized datastreamsnonononononononoyesnoAdmins can configure the priority for certain data streams
* Targeting Citrix Storefront directly, smartcards and federated authentication (SAML/AzureAD) are supported. Using Citrix ADC, multiple MFA-Providers and methods are supported.
Input Redirection
Touchscreenyesyesyesyesyesnoyes (except IE)noyesno
Penyesyesnoyes (as touch)yes (as touch)nononoyes**no
* View the list of supported input devices for the Remote Desktop iOS client:

** Depending on the pen
Port Redirection
COM Portyesyesnonononononoyesyes
USByesyesnononononoyes*yesyes*Fabulatech USB Redirection
Other Redirections (devices, etc.)
Camerasyesyesnonoyesyesnoyes*yesyes*Fabulatech Webcam Redirection
Enhanced Camera RedirectionnonononononononoyesnoAllows configuration of camera parameters to be used within the remote session
ClipboardyesyesyesTextText, imagesyesTextyesyesyes
Local drive/storageyesyesnoyesyesyesnoyesyesyes
Multi-audiononononononononoyesnoAllows the redirection of multiple local audio devices into VDI
Printersyesyesnononoyes (CUPS)PDF Printyes (CUPS only)yes (CUPS)yes
Scannersyesyesnononononoyes*yes*yes*Fabulatech Scanner Optimization
Smartcardsyesyesnononoyes (Windows
logon not supported)
Speakersyesyesyesyesyesyesyes (except
Browser Contentnoyes*nonononononoyesno

Allows execution of e.g. browser-based multimedia content on the client device to reduce load and traffic within the datacenter

*Multimedia redirection for AVD (preview)

GPU accelerationnoyes 2nonononononoyes 1yes

Allows running graphics-heavy applications running in virtualized environments utilizing the server's GPU and lossless compression for e.g. CAD applications

1 Citrix HDX 3D Pro requires Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Platinum License

2 GPU-optimized AVD host (pool) with GPU-accelerated app-rendering, GPU-accelerated frame encoding, or fullscreen video encoding

Additional Features (UI / UX / Security)
Screen pinningnonononononononoyesnoSave complete display layout on Storefront servers (also supports Geo load balancing)
Keyboard layout synchronizationyesyesnononononoyesyesyesThe keyboard layout within the VDI is set according to the client's keyboard
Keylogging protectionnonononononononoyesyesA keylogger on the client only sees encrypted keystrokes
Screenshot preventionnonononononononoyesyesScreenshots created on the endpoint will only show blank content when capturing a VDI screen.
UC Optimization
FeatureWindows 10Windows 10Microsoft Store


IGEL OSComments
RDPAVD / W365NativeNativeWeb clientNativeAVD / W365CitrixVMware
MS TeamsnoyesnononononoyesyesyesMedia optimizations for Microsoft Teams to provide high-quality calls and screen-sharing. Learn more at Use Microsoft Teams on Azure Virtual Desktop.
Cisco JabbernonononononononoyesnoOptimization enables the physical client to directly communicate and offload webcam and audio from the server to the client completely transparent to the user
Cisco Webex Meetings / TeamsnonononononononoyesyesThe Cisco Webex media engine redirects audio and video streams so that they are exchanged directly, without going through the hosted virtual desktop in the datacenter
Skype for BusinessnonononononononoyesyesSignaling information is sent via a virtual channel to the client's RealTime media engine. That allows RealTime media to be executed directly on the user's device.
ZoomnoyesnononononoyesyesyesThe Zoom plugin on the client will offload video encoding and decoding and communication directly to the Zoom cloud
Avaya IX Workplacenoyes 1nononononoyes 1  2yes 1yes 1

VDI optimization for customers using Avaya UC Client within their environment. Control information gets exchanged via the remote desktop protocol (ICA or Blast). Calls take place via SIP directly, surpassing the VDI.

1 Avaya IX Workplace for IGEL OS is not generally available because of the Avaya distribution policy/license agreement. The customer needs to get in contact with Avaya support to receive custom partition files and support

2 Not approved. Needs to be verified/tested.

Estos ProCallnonononononononoyes 1  2no1 Audio datastream (UDP Opus or G.711a) between the ProCall Client (WebRTC Stack) and the UC Media Server is routed through the Citrix Server(s) and transferred via Citrix HDX-Audio to the endpoint.

2 Not officially tested/verified by IGEL
WebRTC (in general)noyes 2nonononononoyes 1yes 2

Optimize WebRTC to offload webcam and audio to the client

1 Using Citrix BCR feature

2 Part of Teams optimization (based on WebRTC). Needs to be verified.