• Fixed Chromium browser security issues:

    CVE-2022-4262, CVE-2022-4195,
    CVE-2022-4194, CVE-2022-4193, CVE-2022-4192, CVE-2022-4191, CVE-2022-4190,
    CVE-2022-4189, CVE-2022-4188, CVE-2022-4187, CVE-2022-4186, CVE-2022-4185,
    CVE-2022-4184, CVE-2022-4183, CVE-2022-4182, CVE-2022-4181, CVE-2022-4180,
    CVE-2022-4179, CVE-2022-4178, CVE-2022-4177, CVE-2022-4176, CVE-2022-4175,
    CVE-2022-4174, CVE-2022-4135, CVE-2022-3890, CVE-2022-3889, CVE-2022-3888,
    CVE-2022-3887, CVE-2022-3886, CVE-2022-3885, CVE-2022-3450, CVE-2022-3449,
    CVE-2022-3448, CVE-2022-3447, CVE-2022-3446, CVE-2022-3445, CVE-2022-3444,
    CVE-2022-3443, CVE-2022-3373, CVE-2022-3370, CVE-2022-3318, CVE-2022-3317,
    CVE-2022-3316, CVE-2022-3315, CVE-2022-3314, CVE-2022-3313, CVE-2022-3312,
    CVE-2022-3311, CVE-2022-3310, CVE-2022-3309, CVE-2022-3308, CVE-2022-3307,
    CVE-2022-3306, CVE-2022-3305, CVE-2022-3304, CVE-2022-3201, CVE-2022-3661,
    CVE-2022-3660, CVE-2022-3659, CVE-2022-3658, CVE-2022-3657, CVE-2022-3656,
    CVE-2022-3655, CVE-2022-3654, CVE-2022-3653, CVE-2022-3652, and CVE-2022-3723

  • Updated Chromium browser to version 108.0.5359.94.

Base System

  • Fixed beacown vulnerability
  • Fixed kernel Wi-Fi stack security issues CVE-2022-41674, CVE-2022-42719,  CVE-2022-42720, CVE-2022-42721, and CVE-2022-42722.
  • Fixed bind9 security issues CVE-2022-38178, CVE-2022-38177, and CVE-2022-2795.
  • Fixed gmp security issue CVE-2021-43618.
  • Fixed ghostscript security issue CVE-2020-27792.
  • Fixed libksba security issue CVE-2022-3515.
  • Fixed sqlite3 security issues CVE-2020-35525 and CVE-2022-35737.
  • Fixed isc-dhcp security issues CVE-2022-2929 and CVE-2022-2928.
  • Fixed webkit2gtk security issues:

    CVE-2022-42824, CVE-2022-42823, CVE-2022-42799, CVE-2022-32923,
    CVE-2022-32888, CVE-2022-32912, CVE-2022-32891, and CVE-2022-32886  

  • Fixed zulu8-cd security issues CVE-2022-21628, CVE-2022-21626, CVE-2022-21624, and CVE-2022-21619.
  • Fixed expat security issue CVE-2022-43680.
  • Fixed pillow security issue CVE-2022-22817.  
  • Fixed perl security issue CVE-2020-16156.
  • Fixed mysql-5.7 security issues CVE-2022-21617, CVE-2022-21608, CVE-2022-21592, and CVE-2022-21589.
  • Fixed dbus security issues CVE-2022-42012, CVE-2022-42011, and CVE-2022-42010.
  • Fixed ntfs-3g security issue CVE-2022-40284.
  • Fixed libxml2 security issues CVE-2022-40304 and CVE-2022-40303.
  • Fixed pixman security issue CVE-2022-44638.
  • Fixed tiff security issues:

    CVE-2022-3599, CVE-2022-3598, CVE-2022-3570, CVE-2022-34526,
    CVE-2022-2869, CVE-2022-2868, and CVE-2022-2867  

  • Fixed xorg-server security issues CVE-2022-3550 and CVE-2022-3551.
  • Fixed krb5 security issue CVE-2022-42898.
  • Fixed libvncserver security issue CVE-2020-29260.
  • Fixed libarchive security issues CVE-2022-36227 and CVE-2022-26280.
  • Fixed heimdal security issues CVE-2022-44640, CVE-2022-42898, CVE-2022-3437, and CVE-2021-44758.  
  • Fixed libice security issue CVE-2017-2626.
  • Fixed jbigkit security issue CVE-2017-9937.
  • Updated ca-certificates to version 20211016ubuntu0.20.04.1.