Menu path: Setup > Sessions > NoMachine NX Client > [Session Name] > Services

Here, you can enable or disable services for printers and audio playback on your thin client.

  • Enable multimedia support

    You will find further information regarding audio playback on the Nomachine NX client in the NoMachine Knowledge Base.

    ☑ Audio output is forwarded to the media player via esound.

    ☐ A dedicated channel is used for audio output. (default)

  • Enable CUPS printing

    ☑ Printing via the thin client is enabled. (default)

    ☐ Printing via the thin client is disabled.

  • Port: Port via which CUPS can be configured with a browser (default: 631)
  • Public printer

    ☑ The printer connected to the thin client is shared via the network. A server-side configuration is required for this purpose.

    ☐ The printer is not shared. (default)