Passwords protect the system against local changes. They restrict access to the Local Terminal, Setup, and to the rescue shells on the virtual consoles. The administrator password is also needed to reset the system to factory defaults.

These passwords are saved in a way (salted and hashed) that prevents them from being recovered from the local storage.

By default, no passwords are set on IGEL OS. Set at least an administrator password:


  1. In IGEL Setup go to Security > Password.
  2. In the Administrator area, check Use Password.
  3. Enter a password twice when prompted.
  4. Optional: If you want to grant unprivileged user access to IGEL Setup check Use Password in the Setup user area and enter a password twice when prompted.
  5. Click Apply.

For configuration of the User Account for Remote Access, see Using Secure SSH Settings.

Find further information in the IGEL OS manual under Password - Restrict Access to IGEL OS Components.