The following clients and features are not supported anymore:

  • Citrix Receiver 12.1 and 13.1 - 13.4
  • Citrix Access Gateway Standard Plug-in
  • Dell vWorkspace Connector for Linux
  • Ericom PowerTerm Emulation 9 and 11
  • Ericom Webconnect
  • IGEL Legacy RDP Client (rdesktop)
  • Virtual Bridges VERDE Client
  • PPTP VPN Support
  • IGEL Upgrade License Tool with IGEL Smartcard Token
  • Remote Management by setup.ini file transfer (TFTP)
  • Remote Access via RSH
  • Legacy Philips Speech Driver
  • t-Systems TCOS Smartcard Support
  • DUS Series touch screens
  • Elo serial touch screens
  • IGEL Smartcard without locking desktop
  • VIA Graphics Support
  • Storage Hotplug devices are not automatically removed anymore, instead they
    must be always ejected manually:
    • by panel tray icon
    • by an icon in the In-Session Control Bar (configurable at IGEL Setup > User Interface > Desktop)
    • by a Safely Remove Hardware session (configurable at IGEL Setup > Accessories)

The following clients and features are not available in this release:

  • Cherry eGK Channel
  • Open VPN Smartcard Support
  • NCP Secure Client
  • Asian Input Methods
  • Composite Manager