How must I configure the client and the server to get H.264 acceleration in an HP Anyware PCoIP Session?


This article is valid for the following environment:

  • IGEL OS 11.04 or higher

    With IGEL OS 11.08.200, the client was renamed from "Teradici PCoIP" to "HP Anyware PCoIP".

  • UMS 6.04 or higher
  • HP Anyware PCoIP Graphics Agent for Windows 20.04



  1. Open the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc).

  2. Go to Local Computer Policy > Administrative Templates > PCoIP Session Variables > Overridable Administrator Defaults.

  3. Edit the settings as follows:
    • Set Configure PCoIP image quality levels to "Enabled".
    • Set Configure PCoIP image quality levels > YUV chroma subsampling to "4:2:0".
    • Set Enable PCoIP Ultra GPU optimization to "Enabled".


  1. Open the Setup or the UMS configuration dialog.

  2. Go to System > Registry > pcoip > codec_h264 and activate H.264 codec (registry parameter: pcoip.codec_h264).

  3. Save your settings.