You want to restrict the mounting of hotplug storage devices.


As of IGEL Linux version 5.10.100, the following registry keys let you disable the mounting of hotplug storage devices based on the device class (floppy, optical, harddisk, flash, other).

  • devices.hotplug.enable_floppy
  • devices.hotplug.enable_optical
  • devices.hotplug.enable_harddisk
  • devices.hotplug.enable_flash
  • devices.hotplug.enable_other

These are all of type bool. Their default value is true. If true, mounting volumes on floppies, optical media, harddisks, flash memory devices, and others is enabled respectively.

Even if the above settings allow mounting hotplug storage devices, the following settings may still restrict it:
  • Devices > USB access control
  • Devices > Storage Devices > Storage Hotplug

In order to disable mounting of a device class system-wide:

  1. In setup, go to System > Registry.
  2. In the Parameter tree, open Devices > hotplug.
  3. To disable the mounting of a device class, uncheck its Enable hotplug [...] parameter.