Get the required packages for Ubuntu. Apart from the Zoom package, you need the package libxcb-xtest0[version].deb (contains the shared libraries and which are required by the Zoom package).

  1. Open in a browser and select the following:
    • Linux Type: "Ubuntu"
    • OS Architecture: "64 bit"
    • Version: "16.04+"
  2. Download the Ubuntu/Debian package zoom_amd64.deb

    Version 5.0.399860.0429 has been tested by IGEL. Newer versions should work, too.

  3. Change to the download directory on your workstation (typically /home/[username]/Downloads).
  4. Download libxcb-xtest0[version].deb with the following command:
    apt download libxcb-xtest0

Next Step

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